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Products and product history

Dates, time, persons, organizations

Processes: testing,pre-treatments, etc

Approvals, qualifications, certifications

Properties of products and processes

Document and file references

Numerical and descriptive values

External references  to other sources

Numerical values as mathematical functions, including matrices and tensors


Uncertainty and reliability of all types of values


Product composition and material structure

Locations on products or in places

Dimensional and positional tolerances


States of products or test pieces

Test resources and their properties

ISO 10303-235 Product data representation and exchange: Engineering properties for product design and verification

ISO 10303-235 was designed for the digital representation of data for any property of any product measured by any method. It is part of the family of standards developed by ISO TC18/SC4 to support digital engineering and manufacturing. The representation can be sustained throughout the life time of the product independently of proprietary software. A description has been published in the CODATA Data Science Journal, vol 8, pages 190-200

Potential applications include:

Testing of metals, plastics, composite products and engineered structure, design data for analysis, structural integrity of energy plant, data for product re-use and re-manufacture, nuclear measurements and nuclear waste, environmental measurements and reporting.

Scope of ISO 10303-235