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Through life properties of composite products

A Feasibility Study awarded as a part of the Innovate UK Competition: Game changing technologies for aerospace has demonstrated the use of ISO 10303-235 to consolidate the representation of properties for a composite product at several stages in the product life. The project partners were: Ferroday Ltd, Axis Composites Ltd and Wrexham Glyndwr University. A summary of the results is shown below.

Starting materials

Resin properties included: viscosity at several temperatures, shelf life, colour, density, working properties and cured properties.

Fibre properties included: softening point, density, hardness, tensile strength, tensile modulus, elongation at break.

Textile properties included; weave style,weight, yarn type warp, yarn type weft, warp count, weft count, width

Intermediate laminates

Test results included:  tensile strength and modulus at 0 deg. and 90 deg. , flexural behaviour, fibre volume fraction, Poisson’s Ratio, inter-planar shear strength and in-plane shear

Composite beam

Testing a composite beam in 4-point bend included:  dimensions of the beam, characteristics of 11 strain gauges and their locations, loading conditions and procedure and critical values of strain.

Non-destructive evaluation

The representation of ultrasonic NDE included:  product description and dimensions, test equipment and procedure, locations and sizes of defects detected.